In November we went to Japan to celebrate my 30th birthday. Not to shabby you might think! And I agree with you on that… It was indeed the best gift I could ever imagine.

This time we spent only few days in Tokyo going to sushi restaurants for breakfast and karaoke-kan for embarrassment. We headed to Kyoto and Osaka after and not to brag, but I probably visited sufficient amount of shrines and temples for my entire life. Week flew by way too fast while I was scratching my secret requests on wooden planks (supposedly burning the plank somehow makes all your wildest dreams come true). The method is probably not 100% bulletproof, so just to make sure I get what I want I called for Gods with clapping and ringing shrines bells, threw bunch of coins into the local fountains and wasted a daily output of paper factory on writing that stupid wish again and again.

Now I just sit and wait when miracle will happen! And if it won’t – I feel obliged to fly back to Japan to inform locals that their wish-making have to be reconsidered…

Next up is guide to my favorite places in Tokyo!


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