First of all, I knew it was going to happen during the Peru trip.

That was not a surprise and I could kinda sense it in a way. That feeling was enough for me to draw that perfect picture in my head with sunrise on Machu Picchu and Adam on his knee asking me in Spanish to marry him. Sounds cool, right?

So with that image in my head I decided to be well prepared for the special moment. For obvious reasons I couldn’t bring a nice dress to the hike, so why not at least to wear a set of clean clothes (my outfit baseline is quite low on hiking trips, you know). In the very beginning of the trip I put aside my most photogenic leggings for the occasion and prepared to wait for two weeks for the man to pop the question.

Well guess what? It all went absolutely different! And on my proposal day there was no Inca ruins, no knee and saddest of all – no clean clothes. Well at least there was a man – THE man πŸ™‚

Now it’s gonna be probably a cheesiest re-telling of a very romantic event. So brace yourself!

We woke up very early that morning to see sunrise on top of Colca Canyon. There was a short climb from our hotel in Cabanaconde – two of us, local guide and stray dog that we picked up on the way. It was freezing, so I looked like a human cabbage wearing at least 5 layers of clothes. I ran around with my camera to get a good shot of pretty much everything.


That photo above was just a moment before the engagement.

I then came closer to ask Adam for front shot. Instead he hugged me and started to whisper all the nicest things to me: how amazing I am and how I make his life roller-coaster-like with my bright personality… Honestly, I hardly remember at all what he was saying – it all pretty much fused together into a white noise in my head and it took forever for me to process and realize:


And then I started crying, not like I rehearsed imagined – gracefully letting one pearl-tear on my cheek to make my eyes a bit crystal-like watery. Nope. I started ugly crying with drooling and sobbing.

I think Adam must’ve reconsidered his decision several times in that short period of time.

Luckily he decided to stick with me for a bit longer and asked whether I was willing to marry him. I guess because my reaction was giving such mixed signals he really required a definite answer just to be sure he was reading my emotions correctly.

I said β€œYes! Thank you!”

He replied β€œYou are welcome?!” and took a small beautiful ring from his pocket.Β And there we were – engaged, happy and out of breath (because of the altitude of course)!





  1. Guilherme

    Hahaha.. really Nice story!
    Im very happy for you Daria.. All the best πŸ˜‰
    PS: if you cry like that while proposing um dying to read about the wedding πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


      1. Guilherme

        lets hope you rehearse better then.. at least not to drool,haha
        Not that I’m an example.. I cried like a baby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Enjoy the engagment, it goes pretty fast 😘


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