AREQUIPA: Peru travel notes #2

I felt guilty about writing close to nothing about our Lima stay…

Though I’m still not sure what to share apart of bunch of food pictures (mostly various options of avocado sandwich from different angles) and rather silly recommendations (like check your Airbnb has a heater, so your trips to bathroom via tiled floor won’t make you miss lovely Siberian winters).

That advice though can be ignored if you are planning to visit second biggest city in Peru. Unlike cloudy and busy Lima, Arequipa met us with sun, altitude dizziness and bright colors. We so got used to buildings and people in grey scale, that white walls of old city and contrasting pink, purple and green took us by surprise.

By the way, I asked Adam how should this post look like and he affirmatively advised to “just” describe our daily activities.

Easy task, right?


Originally Arequipa was on our route only as a starting point for Colca Canyon. Who knew that place would be so warm, with delicious food and quite important – very instagrammable πŸ™‚ 48 hours here was enough to:

a) Get massive sunburn – primarily on my face: I guess pain, pilling skin and great amount of greek yogurt after Cape of Good Hope were already forgotten.

b) Eat four avocado sandwiches… and yes, we tried other food as well, like guinea pig for example (that fluffy animal). And I know it is hard to eat one, because they are so small adorable. But I fought my conscious and tried a bit of it – IT WAS DELICIOUS by the way, tastes like sweet bacon, but better.

c) take ridiculous amount of pictures (some of which are just below, so in case my sense of humour is annoying you -> scroll down immediately)

and finally d) (I’m not good with long lists) – buy green hat that “looked cool” at the moment of purchase and was screaming “gringoooooooo” more than my sunburned face for the entire trip!





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