When I moved to Copenhagen first time, I still had some decent-looking items from IKEA and somehow zero savings on my account (I wish I knew how that happened). We moved in to nice apartment, but had only limited contract, and decided to postpone all the furniture splurging (I had nothing to splurge anyway).

So I was enviously looking at all the fancy tables and couches in Danish design stores and mentally filled up my imaginary basket (a.k.a. window shopping). I though one day when I get a nice apartment I’d buy all the pretty chairs, colorful rugs and a pink couch of course. YES, COUCH MUST BE PINK! I even have that special folder on my desktop that consists of inspirational pictures of someone else’sΒ  houses that I like to go through when I feel down.

So I considered myself a well prepared person with a clear idea in mind how my newly acquired finally-nice apartment is going to look like. HA-HA (that is me laughing at myself). Who knew that it is an incredibly hard task to match that chair with that table when they are not located in the same shop. Who knew that it is even harder to find comfortable dining chair.

Shouldn’t they all be comfortable???

Choice is another unpleasant component of furniture shopping: every couch has like 55 different shades of grey and 5 different types of legs. This is for a minute 275 of possible options – for one couch!! How can anyone deal with that many possibilities? It’s hard enough to decide between two, not two thousands 😐


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