Ups & Downs

Though the week isn’t over yet I am stuck offshore (uff), plus it is a time to share some news.

So once again I am called to the drilling rig to supervise a project (well now you know that I am working on the “dark side”). Just when I thought it is over, I might be spending here a week or even two. It is a part of the job that I particularly dislike and try to avoid when I can. On a bright side I only have one month left in Baku and I am returning back to Copenhagen on 25th of August.

On even brighter side, we just signed the papers for a rental apartment there. And although I did not even see it myself and there were no pictures provided by the agent, Adam went to the open house and managed to take some sneaky photos that were supposed to reflect the beauty of our future home.

Few of them below. Doesn’t it look pretty? 🙂

We went through the apartment hunt in Danish capital twice for the past two years and as a general advice to everyone in the same situation: LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS!

The very first time I had all these hopes about the neighborhood, beautiful old apartment with all the charm and perfect insulation. I also dreamed about big bathroom and all possible washing machines to ease my daily life. For obvious reasons I wanted it to be close to train station and city center at the same time and just genuinely be cool (like a loft or warehouse looking like). So I literally visualized my apartment in Hanover to be replicated in Copenhagen. Being “realistic” I expected the price for described jewel on a way higher end than Germany, but gosh I did not expect how hard it will be to find such (as it became very soon apparent) “unicorn-flat”.

Not to mention that rental market is SO limited in Denmark: every apartment that includes at least one of my wishes above has at least 5 bidders. For example, our first landlord got 70 candidates for the flat we fight our way through eventually  got. SEVENTY! It sure feels like Ivy league has a lower acceptance rate than average rental in the little mermaid city.

I’m not saying that it is impossible to find a good living place. It is just less nerve-racking if you are prepared to be flexible. As trivial as it sounds, but prior to search try to identify your “nice-to-have” and “must-have” attributes and lower the amount of latter to 2. That is probably most realistic…

Featured image by GuoJunjun



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