You cannot really call it a crisis and there is plenty of inspiration around me (mostly on my screen though). But I just doubt myself. Doubt that I am funny (please write in comments that I am), that my knowledge/style/life choices are sufficient to waste precious internet space with thoughts and pictures and, of course, that whatever I write is relevant to my readers.

Relevance is a scourge of modern blogging.

Internet is a competitive environment and bloggers must write something insightful, useful and inspirational (preferably very witty and with HD quality pictures) to engage people and make them come again. You know that! I know that! We wouldn’t spend time on blunt blogs with mediocre content…duh. No one would.

In this pursuit of appreciation (and admiration of course) I’ve put too much pressure on myself (though I’m sure all nine of my subscribers have zero expectations of me anyway) and it simply became too exhausting. So to throw off the chains of obligations and to simply start enjoying the whole process I am committing to #UselessBlogging. Google says there are only 605.000 search results for this term, so it’s pretty fresh idea (might be also pretty dumb, but who cares).





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