One day my dear boyfriend was chatting me up on the phone and one of the stories was about his colleague who dropped refined sugar for 30 days. Adam did not know the specifics or motivations behind such challenge and he was definitely not gonna try this himself, but he totally admired that guy’s will power.

And this kinda stuck in my head for a few weeks after. I don’t know about you (I mean you, my only reader, based on the statistics of this website), but I regularly eat a lot of fruits and they are my main source of sugar (and usual three (!) ice-creams a day)…so how hard it can be to drop few chocolate bars for a month??


But no one was there to warn me… So 22nd of April from the very early morning I accepted the challenge and locked whatever chocolate I could find in a dark drawer.

I won’t describe daily struggle or all the temptations I had during that time. Dubai trip with Cheesecake factory on every single corner and apparently Friday ice-cream tradition at work (which I’m pretty sure was started solemnly for the reason to torture me) are just some of the lowest points of my sugar-free misery diet.


Today is the 33rd day of candy-withdrawal. I feel lighter (I also lost 3-4 kg) and I think clearer…meaning I’m not scanning offices in hopes to find a chocolate-chip cookie. And the best part: my sweet-tooth cravings stopped. I have Twix and Bounty bars hanging on the wall within 1m from my face (I have very “supportive” colleagues) and I am totally chill about it 🙂



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