MIDI SKIRT: my best friend(s) this summer

My life isn’t all that sad that I recognize a piece of clothing as an acquaintance

But I do acknowledge an importance of good outfit  in my day-to-day. I feel most comfortable when I wear what I like (a.k.a. over-sized pajama-like looking), I consider myself pretty in a favorite dress and for sure I make an impression of a confident person when I wear my flashiest suit.

And to confess: sometimes I do get carried away with definition of “reasonable amount of clothing” for one person to have. But I easily justify it with a thought that for sure there is always someone out there in this world who has more clothes.

The worst part though that despite nearly doubling my wardrobe after moving to Baku, there is still no visible improvement on a diversity side of it. If I like something, I go for it. Several times.

Hello, two identical bomber jackets I bought last spring. Yes! IDENTICAL!

And spring is always THE turning point for my purchasing obsession: visits to online shops becoming more frequent, baskets/wish lists growing in logarithmic progression (I wish salary adopted same increase velocity). And I frequently feel that nerve-racking tension in my stomach (and primarily on my credit card) while scrupulously selecting between “what-I-want” and “what-I-can-afford” and usually those two groups are hardly overlapping.

So I think I apologized enough for my excitement over new garments and we can move on to the specifics of what I define as a “missing piece” in my rather blunt set of outfits lately.

MIDI SKIRTS! Yes, plural, because when one was enough?!

I will shortly allow you to my shopping “holy grail” (as usually I am NOT overly dramatic AT ALL…Hi Adam!) and share my midi-length crashes that might find their way to my already overcrowded closet this summer.



Let me know which one is you fav!?



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