Personally, I rather prefer to pack for three weeks, than for three days. For long vacay I can just take my entire summer wardrobe and throw it into the luggage. And I probably will still have some place left for potentially souvenirs, but most likely sporadic shopping findings that I’ll never wear again and few bottles of wine (to be specific: Dasha’s “few” when it comes to wine = 5).

However, that strategy fails for an extended weekend get-away. Not to be overly dramatic, but to pack only carry-on I have to put myself through an impossible: decide what I’m going to wear more than 10 minutes before the occasion.

How do I handle frequent outfit-indecisiveness during packing process? I put whole summer wardrobe on the table…yes it’s that small, wardrobe, not table. Then I filter out those items that fit for “Scandinavian summer” only (season that lasts 3-5 days and on a hottest day temperature goes to an absolute maximum of +25C). I also exclude pieces that can be inappropriate even for such progressive, but yet Middle Eastern city. Even though  people who know me well can confirm that in my usual outfit you will struggle to locate my waist (this is how unflattering it is), and my A-game look can be hardly described with words “tight” or “see through”.

Whatever is left on my sorting table is a set of 6 looks for 3 days. Not much you’d say? And I totally agree! Though biggest shopping mall in the world will be in such proximity, that I can always come up with an excuse and fill up the rest of the travel bag with new stuff…and that was my plan all along!

And what is your packing strategy?IMG_0172IMG_0162



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